What Are Airlines Going To Do About All This Bad Behavior?


Why do airlines serve alcohol to intoxicated passengers? And will the plane crash because passengers refuse to set their phones to “airplane mode?”


Have you noticed how many of the craziest, most disruptive passengers on planes turn out to be drunk?

I have. And so have the airlines themselves. They are increasingly going after passengers for damages resulting from their bad behavior, e.g., if they have to make an emergency landing because of a drunken inflight brawl.

But, in my opinion, the airlines have brought this on themselves by allowing intoxicated people on board in the first place. Even more so when they continue to serve them alcohol or when they over-serve passengers during flights.

And look at the sign above for “Order To Go Cocktails” (lower left). I just saw it at the Minneapolis airport. How can anyone think this is a good idea?

The Washington Post reported that 99% of cases of disruptive, unruly behavior on planes involve intoxicated passengers or passengers who are reacting to someone else under the influence.

I mean how much money can airlines be making off the booze on planes? I suggest airlines start becoming more sober-curious before a whole plane goes down.

Ryanair is the only airline I’ve heard of that is asking airports to impose a two-drink limit per boarding pass, and a total ban on alcohol sales before 10 am.

Per the BBC, there has been a 50 percent increase in the number of people arrested for drunken shenanigans on British flights.


The other question I have for the airlines is about setting our phones to airplane mode.


Read on below.


I increasingly think the whole “set your phone to airplane mode” is bogus. I see more people continuing to send texts, take calls, check their email – staying online until long after we have taken off, basically until they no longer get service.

So if that jerk sitting next to me is going to crash the plane because he needs to make that last, ever so important call, shouldn’t the flight attendants make sure everyone is actually in airplane mode? Apparently not.

On my flights both to and from Minneapolis this week, there were several people seated near me (see above right) who were taking calls – one from FedEx delivering furniture(?), others texting and checking Facebook, all as we were wheels up on the runway. But zero panic from the flight attendants.

I’ve never seen a flight attendant get worked up about it, which makes me even more convinced it’s a leftover from long ago.


And that’s what’s on my mind as I get ready for my August travels to Tulsa, Denver, Boise, and SLC. And since I do not have a single nonstop flight on this itinerary (yikes!), I have double the opportunities to sit next to some boozehound who I’m convinced will crash the plane because he/she refuses to set their phone to “airplane mode.”

Safe travels everyone!

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