UPDATE: Skillcrush Coding Class is HARD but So Amazing. Highly Recommend!

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-2-19-21-pm Now in my second week of Skillcrush HTML & CSS coding class.  It’s NOT easy for sure but the online classes themselves are super fun and they make the whole process engaging and it’s very satisfying when you “get it.” Got 100% on today’s quiz about iFrames – woohoo!!

I would recommend this online course to one and all. It’s good to have a challenge and to learn something new.  And, of course, in today’s tech-driven world everyone should know the basics of coding – not to make a career of it but to understand what it is at its most basic level. I concur wholeheartedly with Jeff Immelt of GE for making every new hire at the company learn to code. In my view, it’s no different than being able to type so that you can text or send an email.

Here are some tips/guidelines if you are interested in the skillcrush course:

1. Go with the basic $175 course – don’t do the more expensive in-depth program until you know you want to learn more extensively.

2. They email each day’s class at 9am (Mon-Fri). I find that I am best to tackle this in the morning – if I don’t get to it then, I’m too burnt at the end of the day to get into it. Basically, you are learning a new language – you need to be fresh.

3. Don’t get freaked out if you fall  behind – I was able to catch up a bit this weekend. I know this will take me more than 3 weeks because I am now 2 classes behind but the course I did today (iFrames) took me only 30 minutes vs. an hour.

See below for the quiz and more of the course.




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