APP UPDATE: Where is Williamsburg?, Now Much Improved!

where is bburg

It’s been 5 months since the “Where is Williamsburg” app launched. I wrote about it because when I travel anywhere in the world, I love to check out the hipstery neighborhoods (I know it’s lame, but I do!).

The app encouraged users to agree or disagree with their selections so I decided to revisit the app to see the impact of crowdsourcing.

And indeed there are a few changes. Most I agree with and some I don’t know – hopefully you guys will weigh in on some of these locations.  And I still think it’s hilarious that the “Williamsburg” of NY per the app is actually Bushwick!!!

See below for some of the cities that have new, updated “Williamsburg” locations.

ATLANTA: Old Fourth Ward (was Little 5 Points)

ORLANDO: South Eola (was Thornton Park)

HOUSTON: Midtown (was Montrose)

MADISON: Marquette (was Williamson Street)

MINNEAPOLIS:  Lowry Hill East (was Uptown)

DALLAS: El Tivoli Place (was Oak Cliff)

MIAMI; Miami Fashion District (was Wynwood)

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