UPLAND – Don’t Go if You Expect Your Reservations to Be Honored

IMG_6447As others have mentioned on Foursquare, the Front Of House (specifically the hostess) needs some major Danny Meyer finessing if they expect to develop a regular clientele once the heat-seekers move on.  Actually, who am I kidding, the hostess needs to be fired! Keeping people with reservations waiting for over an hour while there are empty tables impresses no-one. We were among the many, on Friday nite, who checked our coats and were then told that our table was being prepared and would be ready in 20 minutes.  Then, it was to be another 20 minute wait.  We decided to cut our losses, retrieve our coats and move on.  At that moment, we were informed our table was almost ready – a table that had been empty since 5:30.  Really absurd behavior that undermines this gorgeous new restaurant by Stephen Starr with, I’m sure, wonderful food by Justin Smillie (huge fan of his from Il Buco Alimentari).

I am still sufficiently curious about the food that I will return at some point but providing such a bad hospitality experience is inexcusable especially when being nice takes you so much further than being uppity. Extremely disappointed that Starr condones this kind of behavior.  2 stars, by the way, for the beautifully designed and gorgeously lit space.

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