Egg Consumption Highest It’s Been In 7 Years (in USA)


The Egg Shop. Image: The Egg Shop

Eggs are suddenly more popular than ever. Here’s what I’ve noticed in NYC as well as on my travels:

More egg restaurants e.g. Egg Slut in LA’s Grand Central Market, Egg Shop in downtown NYC, Yolk in Dallas’ Arts District

More eggs on menus e.g. Scotch Eggs are popping up in all kinds of restaurants (this may be fueled by the growth of gastropubs)

More all-day breakfast sandwich places e.g. BEC scheduled to open on 8th Avenue NY will serve Bacon, Egg, Cheese sandwiches all day long

Shake Shack’s Breakfast Sandwiches, currently only at Grand Central Station location and at JFK but pretty sure this concept will be rolled out to all Shake Shack’s nationwide

More Korean restaurants with so many egg-focused dishes e.g. Bibimbap or the egg and cheese corn at hot new KBBQ spot, Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong.

American egg consumption increased by more than a dozen eggs per person over the past five years, according to the USDA. The Egg Board is even running a new campaign starring Kevin Bacon. The ads are absolutely awful btw full of terrible innuendos!!!

And finally, as many of you know, I am a huge bicycle enthusiast and was happy to see a  recent article in Bicycling Magazine that celebrated eggs as “the perfect food,” with the white and yolk working together to provide important vitamins, healthy fats, zinc, iodine and other trace minerals in an easy-to-handle, 72-calorie package.

More pics below of the egg trend in full force.


Egg Slut in Grand Central Market, Downtown LA


Expect to wait in line ….


Scotch eggs – via Jamie Oliver


Breakfast sandwiches at Shake Shack Grand Central Station


Lunchbox meal complete with egg on rice at Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong


The eggs, cheese and corn cooked on the edges of the bbq are delicious at Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong

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