US Open Tennis 2015: expect more aggressive, improvisational players


Can’t wait for this year’s US Open (August 31-September 13). I especially love the day games when you can wander from court to court and see stars and up-and-comers up close.  Also new this year: the retractable roof at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

This seems to be a seminal year for tennis with bolder and more aggressive players. Nadal, for example, is having a hard time keeping up with flamboyant athletes like his most recent Wimbledon conquerors “electric” Brown and “charismatic” Nick Kyrgios, who embody more of the professional basketball “boom” mentality that is chipping away at old-school baseline warriors like Nadal.

Great article by Jeremy Eckstein for on the challenges facing aging champions in today’s more aggressive and improvisational tennis world.

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