Use of emojis in marketing is skyrocketing!

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I LOVE emojis – they’re fun and creative. They free you from the boredom of always commenting with the same old haha or lol. Also, because I am now addicted to snapchat, I’ve become even more attuned to their power.

Emoji marketing is booming especially among brands who need to reach teens and tweens for whom emoji is a second language. Standout campaigns have included Taco Bell, Dominoes, Coca Cola and Disney/Star Wars. Even Ikea is going this route.

According to a recent report from Appboy, the use of emojis in mobile and email marketing messages has increased 775% year-over-year. They analyzed 9,400 mobile marketing campaigns, suggesting that emoji use grew 1,071% on Android and 662% on iOS within the past year.

In addition, triggered email messages containing emojis have jumped more than 7,000% in recent months and emoji use in marketing messages has shown a steady 20% increase month-to-month in 2016.

Pics of some of the top emoji campaigns below:




Coca Cola






Disney Star Wars


Taco Bell

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