Walmart.Com Got A Major Revamp; Now Amazon Looks Like A Clunker


I’ve bitched about Walmart incessantly – especially the online experience. But when I went on the site to do my monthly household order this weekend, I was blown away. looks gorgeous. The website is clean, easy to navigate PLUS they’ve added all the products I previously could only get on Amazon or at Target, e.g., Harry’s shaving gel and blades as well as my Lavazza coffee.

The new site leaves Amazon in the dust. I’ve written previously about how the Amazon site has gotten to be a mess with a myriad sponsored options, promotions etc. On Amazon it has become increasingly difficult to get precisely what you want versus what they’re pitching at you.

In writing this, I hopped on their site to give it a quick once-over and noticed that they’ve also done some clean up work. It doesn’t look quite as cluttered but not nearly as clean and easy to navigate as Walmart.

Keeping my fingers crossed that my Walmart order arrives undamaged and on time (I opted for regular delivery versus next day).

Kudos again to Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart, for dialing up their game. It’s very impressive. I know I’ve been on and off with Walmart but right now, it’s the clear winner. Highly recommend.


Scroll down for more pics from the site versus Amazon.





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