Walter Chandoha – the Godfather of Cat Photography

cat photographer

Cat photos dominate the internet (twice as many photos of cats as dogs, even more cats than selfies!!).  Once upon a time, Walter Chandoha was famous for being THE cat photographer – the One Cat Photographer to Rule Them All.

Read below for his secrets to successful cat photography as well as info on his new book which is chock-full of feline glamour shots.

Walter Chandoha: The Cat Photographer, has just been published by Aperture and it compiles his best feline glamour shots. When asked the secret to a successful cat photograph, he would say “eye contact,” patience, and having an “animal charmer and handler” on set. In Chandoha’s case, the handler was his wife, Maria, whom he calls “my secret to success.”

Over 30 books of Chandoha’s cat photography have been published over the years, including All Kinds of Cats (1952), How to Photograph Cats, Dogs, and Other Animals (1973), The Literary Cat (1977), and Walter Chandoha’s Book of Cats and Kittens (1983). Since the late 1940s, his images have also appeared in countless ads and on packaging for pet-food and other products.

Check out HYPERALLERGIC for more info and photos, here.

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