Wang x Adidas: Brilliant Launch, Totally Cool, Want This!!!

wang x adidas

Am a huge fan of designer Alexander Wang and absolutely love how he is launching his 84-piece unisex trackwear collaboration with Adidas.

Here’s the low-down from Racked (full article here):

    • The collection was introduced at the end of Wang’s regular runway show – and Madonna was front row since her son Rocco is featured in the ad campaign.
    • The launch party sounds insanely fun: along with music, dancing etc. there were food trucks, a performance stage, a fully functional 7-Eleven, Slurpee machines, a McDonald’s and plenty of booze.
    • Pop up trucks are selling nine different Wang/Adidas items, including shoes, a track suit, a hoodie, and T-shirts.
    • The first of the pop-ups was in New York City, Monday September 12, 2016 at three locations.
    • On September 17th, pop-up trucks will hit Tokyo and London.The pop up truck staff hands out laminated “menus” for people in line to make their choices. Prices range from $80 for a graphic tee to $180 for skate shoes (the most coveted item).Customers are limited to purchasing four items, and the items have to be different.The items are delivered to the buyers in industrial black garbage bags tied with white Alexander Wang-printed ribbons.

The full collection will be available in stores Spring 2017.

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