Want To Know Where The Next PayPal Mafia Will Come From?


I just discovered this fantastic site – VISUAL CAPITALIST. Highly recommend if tech and startups are your thing.


For this survey, they asked 529 tech founders which startups would be the most successful and the most valuable over the next ten years.

  • The big winner was Stripe (the payments startup).
  • It was cited by 19% of the founders.
  • Stripe was valued at $1.8 billion in 2013 and is currently valued at $22.5 billion.
  • Much less confidence in WeWork (6.3%), Uber (5.3%), Lyft (4.7%) or Pinterest (1.6%)

However, when it comes to predicting which company will produce the next generation of startup founders as influential as the PayPal Mafia, one company stands above the rest:

  • Uber is cited by 22.5% as the company most likely to beget the next group of notable founders (although the company itself was not considered as valuable or successful as Stripe).
  • Another interesting aside is how few of the founders expect Amazon (1.1%) or WeWork (1.8%) to foster this kind of startup talent.

Other Findings:

  • Over 60% of founders believe that the world is in a technology bubble, with evenly split reviews on whether it’s either nowhere close or very close to popping.
  • 57% of founders believe the U.S. will continue to dominate the tech world, while 39% predict China’s growth will become the world’s hub for tech innovation by 2028.

Link here to visualcapitalist.com complete with infographics and more detailed info on this tech founders survey.


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