Wedding Trends: What’s In/Out for 2016

wedding trends


What’s trending in food, fashion, beauty, and decor for 2016 nuptials from Toast the Trends, a collaboration among Chicago wedding pros and The Four Seasons.

INs and OUTs:

Bridal gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses

IN: Unconventional bridal gowns; Sleeves (long ones, short ones, capped ones)

OUT: Cookie-cutter bridesmaids’ dresses (bridesmaids everywhere are rejoicing!). Expect to see more bridesmaids choosing their own dress in a cohesive color palette.

Hair & Make-Up

IN: Vintage-inspired style including ‘70s bohemian brides with well-placed braids.

OUT: Braiding for the sake of braiding (if you’re not a boho bride, don’t force the trend just because it’s trendy).

Food & Spirits

IN: Miniature everything, especially desserts; brides and grooms’ cocktails; great craft beer menus; Sentimental eats e.g. anything the bride and groom have enjoyed in their time together so if they’re diehard tailgaters, serving sliders and craft beer at the afterparty.

OUT: Food that doesn’t match the theme; Standard drink lists – the liquor component of a wedding is extremely important (see above).

Ceremony & Reception

IN: Romantic decor such as chandeliers, candlelight, and flowers, flowers, flowers; Sharing a personal story of their first date, or the proposal, in the program or on the wedding website;  Afterparties – the perfect time to shift into an adults-only nightcap, definitely the time to be more casual serving snacks such as mini pizzas or sandwiches, and plenty of craft beers.

OUT: Receiving lineit’s a formality that stops the momentum of the event; Long toasts!!!

Thanks to Groupon (!) for a great summary, link to full article here.

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