Weight Loss Update: Down 4 lbs Over Last 20 Days, Thank You MBT!!


The last time I wrote about losing weight was on October 7.  As always, I got some great tips and ideas sent to me by friends. One recommendation, in particular, spoke to me.

My friend wrote:

  • Like you I decided I had to lose some weight and read somewhere about My Body Tutor.
  • It’s like a personal trainer for weight loss.  I signed up at beginning of Sept and am now about 7 pounds down.
  • What I’m finding works about it…you have to report everything you eat and get daily feedback from your coach the next morning.  They don’t give you a list of things to eat, but guide you to eat lean proteins with greens, lots of water, etc.  There’s a weekly weight check-in with your coach.

Thank you for sending along this information, Julia Beardwood. You are changing my life!!

Based on Julia’s recommendation I looked into MBT and signed up on October 11th.

  • Today, October 31, 2017 (the day I am writing this), the scale shows I have lost 4 lbs.
  • I am headed off to Paris in a few hours on a work assignment – fingers crossed I will stick with my smart eating plan.

Everything about MBT reminds me of the process I went through to make the gym a habit – a habit that I now can’t live without.

  •  The MBT System is rewiring my brain about what I want to eat.
  • At this point, I plan to stick with the program until January when I leave for the Antarctica.
  • However, it may take a few additional months to establish this new eating habit – some say it takes 18 months to really establish a habit. Hopefully it won’t take that long!
  • It’s $250 a month.

Read on below for specific things about My Body Tutor that work for me.

MBT doesn’t make you give up eating any of your favorite things or ask you to adopt a diet not in keeping with your tastes and lifestyle.

  • Their recommendations are completely in tune with how you lead your life.  For example, if you’re extremely social like I am, their approach is to help you make better decisions about what you’re going to eat while out at a restaurant or an event. A lot of it comes down to planning beforehand which includes checking out menus online before you head out.

The daily feedback from your coach is extremely helpful in getting you to self-monitor what you are eating.

  • Taking one moment to reflect on whether a particular item is worth it, is very powerful.
  • Additionally, I am learning to sample and taste things in much smaller quantities as opposed to feeling obligated to eat everything that’s offered to me or that I’ve ordered.
  • They train you to think about enjoying vs. binging.

Their questions and comments also get you to think about how much of your favorite things you actually want to consume.

  • For example, I LOVE grapes and cherries and can easily devour 1 or 2 lbs at a sitting.
  • After learning the ideal quantity was a mere cupful (v. high in sugar), I decided it was better for me to avoid those fruits altogether because I would feel incredibly deprived to eat only a handful.
  • However, if in the middle of the summer, I come across the most amazing cherries, I will indulge and consider it a rare treat.

Here is how the program works:

Every day you submit a daily report to MBT of precisely what you’ve consumed (along with photos if possible).

  • The daily reporting also includes how much water you’ve consumed, how many hours you slept, things you want to brag about to your coach, goals for the next day etc.
  • It helps to build a bond with your coach so he/she understands your lifestyle and can help you to navigate all the food booby traps that come up through your week.
  • First thing in the morning (generally by 7am), your coach delivers a review of your previous day’s submission on meals and workouts.
  • The coaches ask some incredibly insightful questions about how you feel when you eat particular items.
  •  Do you feel stuffed? Do you feel pleasantly full?
  • Was that enough? Would that salad have been more satisfying with a protein?
  • So much of the program is about getting you to better read your body and understand what it needs vs. what you’re stuffing in your face because you’re stressed or bored.

For me, the problem is always around socializing and the eating and drinking involved in keeping the party going.

  •  I NEVER want the nite to end so I order more to drink and more to eat and that’s when the damage gets done.
  • My coach, Haley, has gotten me to be super aware of how I feel both at night and especially in the morning – do I feel stuffed or do I feel comfortable.
  • As I have learned over the last couple of weeks, it is possible to have a great time and drink only one bottle of wine between two people. There’s no need for another cocktail or another after dinner drink.

My coach provides specific tips for my situation – and has gotten me to be hyperaware, and in the moment, of what I am eating and drinking.

  • For example, after I reported that I had noshed on 10 candies over the course of a day at the Ludlow House Candy Bar, she asked if it was worth it? Why was I having that candy?
  • Could I have perhaps walked to another floor for a break as opposed to the candy bar.
  • The guidance MBT provides is very subtle but it’s spot on for me.
  • Since she made that comment about the candy two weeks ago, I have largely avoided it and haven’t felt deprived doing it – which is a huge step forward.
  • And, btw, there are times when the indulgence is so amazing that it is worth it e.g. the soft serve ube ice cream I had the other day (a whole cupful!!). But most of the time, what we eat is good but not worth over-indulging.
  • What I find especially helpful about MBT, is they are teaching me it is OK to try everything but don’t feel obliged to clean your plate or eat every last morsel. Have a taste, move on.

I will report back again next month. Thanksgiving is coming up and then all those holiday parties. Fortunately, my “no drinking at big parties” has become a habit already and that certainly helps curtail mindless or stressed buffet-style eating at large parties.

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