We’re all binge-watching, just not on a TV set!

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The 10th annual Digital Democracy Survey from Deloitte LLP just came out. Fascinating to see how we consume content these days – as well as which shows and on what devices!!

Although I’m not a typical TV viewer – I don’t watch dramas, sitcoms or even have a Netflix subscription. I do, however, binge-watch HGTV (currently loving Fixer Upper, Love It or List It and Flip or Flop) and I seriously binge on CNBC – if that counts – it’s on all day!! I also watch hours of Charlie Rose and Antiques Roadshow.

Here’s what the Deloitte survey found: 

  • One-third of us binge-watch something at least once a week (70% binge occasionally)
  • Nearly half of US consumers subscribe to streaming media services—highest in survey history
  • Millennials are the most frequent bingers (and the most likely to watch on smart devices vs. TVs)
  • The average binge session is 5 episodes (but for younger millennials it’s 6)
  • The most-binged genre is streaming dramas like “House of Cards,” “Breaking Bad,” and “The Walking Dead.”
  • Almost all of us multi-task while binge-watching e.g. browsing online, texting, on social media, checking email


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