West Point: 2-Hr Tour Is The Way To Go, FABULOUS!


We booked the 2-hour tour last weekend and LOVED it. West Point, all 16,000 acres of it, is located on a gorgeous spot high up on the Hudson River. The history of how and why the military academy was built on this spot is fascinating.

An absolute highlight of the tour is the walk thru the cemetery where you learn about the lives and contributions of some of military history’s most well-known figures e.g. Cushing, Custer, Westmoreland, and father and son Schwarzkopf.

Our tour guide was great and had some amusing stories of renowned generals and their time as cadets e.g. Patton was a decidedly bad student. It is a widely repeated joke that the Patton statue on the Plain is specifically positioned facing the library with binoculars in the officer’s hands so that he might find the building which he neglected to visit as a cadet.

Also, interesting to learn about those who attended but ultimately became more famous for other endeavors e.g. Edgar Allen Poe, Buzz Aldrin, Timothy Leary.

See below for specific details on the West Point Tour and how to get there, cost etc. Also more photos of our tour.

The 2-hour tour is $17 a person (a total bargain)

If you’re coming from NYC, and not driving, take the train to Peekskill

Depending on what time you’ve booked your tour (ours was at 2:30pm),  have a great lunch at Gleason’s – about 20 minute walk from station. The octopus pizza is FABULOUS!!

Take a cab to West Point – it will take 30 minutes and cost about $50.

DO NOT under any circumstances take the bus to/from West Point. It is a nightmare.


View up the Hudson


Trophy Point


Norman Schwarzkopf (front) and his father in rear (right)


Old Cadet Chapel


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