What Do Entrepreneurs Look For In Romantic Relationships?

Brad and I over the years


A recent study of entrepreneurs and dating got me thinking about my own relationship with Brad and what made him such an ideal partner for me all those many years ago. In looking back, I’m convinced that entrepreneurship is the glue that has held us together.

  • We’re both very independent and personal freedom is a top priority for both of us. I’m certain that if we were in a more traditional relationship and had regular jobs, we might not have made it.
  • The fact that Brad believed in me, encouraged me and gave me the space to do my own thing, never once questioning my work or travel schedule, is something for which I will be forever grateful.
  • Not having to worry about any responsibilities beyond building my business was a huge advantage.
  • I am self-aware enough to know that I would have battled him (or anyone) if they tried to prevent me from fulfilling my entrepreneurial ambitions. Brad, to his credit, never stood in my way.

A bit of background for those of you who don’t know us:

  • Brad and I started dating a year before I got the entrepreneurial itch. I don’t recall hashing out my plan with him and what it would mean for our relationship. I just knew I was going to quit my job and start this new gig.
  • I worked out of home so he was definitely aware of my day-to-day stresses, and the up-and-downs of building a business.
  • When Brad decided to quit his job to become a full-time artist, I was equally supportive but made a huge mistake in constantly butting into his business.
  • It drove a wedge between us for a long time. Those years were not good for us as a couple.
  • What I learned from that experience is to only offer advice when asked . And even then, understand specifically what someone wants your advice on.
  • And when people ask why I don’t go to his openings or other art-related events, this is why. Those are his business functions and he does better at them without me.

So what have I learned about entrepreneurs and relationships:

  • Entrepreneurs are a wild and woolly bunch. Do not attempt to rein them in.
  • Likewise, do not get involved with an entrepreneur if you are looking for a traditional relationship built around a 9-5 work schedule.
  • Most entrepreneurs I know are obsessed by whatever it is that they have dedicated their lives to – whether it’s a business or a creative endeavor. Being an entrepreneur requires tremendous sacrifice and romance frequently takes a back seat.
  • If you can’t deal with that, better to give the entrepreneur a wide berth.

Read on below for the highlights of the EliteSingles study of 14,000 entrepreneurs and what they are looking for in potential dates. Here’s the link.

What entrepreneurs are looking for in a potential date:

  • Attractive appearance is #1 (For non-entrepreneurs, “kindness” is the most important factor)
  • Monogamy
  • Honesty, openness, chemistry
  • Nearly three-quarters called themselves ambitious

Differences by gender:

  • 27% more women than men say it’s important that they both earn similar incomes
  • Women want partners who won’t be intimidated by their drive and success
  • Intellectually stimulating conversation is 14% more important to females
  • Interest in art and a person’s moral values matter more to women.
  • Height is 23% more important to females
  • For men, having a partner who is conversant in politics and outdoor pursuits are top priorities.

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