What’s happened to Whole Foods? Especially customer service?


“My” Whole Foods (note how personally I take this) is going downhill and I don’t know what to do about it. Here’s what’s wrong: fresh fruits and vegetables are LESS fresh than they used to be, the store is messy, homeless people wander around picking food out of the salad bar with their hands (and no one shoos them away). Kids (without any parents in sight) manhandle the pastries before finally deciding what donut they will help themselves to (pretty sure with no consideration for paying). And there is not a single WF person watching out for food security (haven’t they heard about Chipotle?).

But what really drove me crazy is that I tweeted about it and and it took them 2 days to get back to me – at which time they asked me to let the store leadership know.  I think this is crazy on so many levels. Whole Foods should be on top of this daily not every few days and they should get to this store ASAP and get it back on track. How they can foist this responsibility off on their customers and expect us to take the lead on it without first checking it out themselves – unbelievable! Wish there was a Kroger’s or a Trader Joe’s close by. I shop at this Whole Foods almost daily so very disappointing to see it going downhill.

See the twitter conversations below.


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