What’s the Latest Trend in Home Entertainment? Private Supper Clubs


Finagled myself an invite to one of Pamela Berger’s renowned Ormewood Park Supper Club evenings (in ATL) this past weekend. Awesome time!!! Fabulous house, great group of people and delicious food and wine.

Will definitely bring this concept to NYC as a twist on my usual dinner parties – although Pamela’s super cute house and porch makes it extra amazing.

Here are 3 things that make Pamela’s Supper Club worth noting as a cultural phenomenon:

Collaboration with – and a platform for – talented friends

  • In this instance, Celeste Bauer was cheffing, Sarah Pierre, owner and partner of 3 Parks Wine Shop, was our wine purveyor, and Wes Cummings, co-owner of a photography company that highlights creative people in the Atlanta community, documented the entire evening. Pamela has been featuring his photos on her social media and they are beautiful. And note, the much more pedestrian pics on this blog are all mine. Wes’ photos take it to another level.

Connecting with interesting people from Pamela’s network

  • Pamela’s circle of friends and colleagues is enormous
  • Supper Club provides a great opportunity for guests to meet people from diverse walks of life e.g. entrepreneurs, lawyers, artists, designers, reality TV producers.
  • And, for those of you who ask why blog, Pamela is a great example of how many interesting and creative people a blog can bring into your life. Pamela had an amazing blog – Sweet Peach – for several years and just gave it up earlier this year (sad!). She just got too busy to keep it up but Pamela featured a huge number of people on her blog who have gone on to become friends and collaborators. Here’s a link to the blog post I did on it back in 2014.

Great vibe

  • And FABULOUS décor specifically planned for the evening’s theme: Spanish/tapas. See photos below.
  • Also love that midway thru the evening, she asked us to switch our seating to mix it up and give us an opportunity to meet guests we may not have had a chance to chat with earlier in the evening. And it was during the switch that I got to meet Bob Conquest, not only a fellow LEO, but one who shares my birth date (DAY, not year!!).
  • Two things that would have made it even more fabulous, for me, would have been a seating chart with name tags so that the mingling wasn’t quite as random and quickie intros of each of us by Pamela at the beginning of the sitdown. Again, would have made it easier to connect with people.

See below for more pics from the event as well as info from Pamela on how the concept started.

Supper Club held here…..

First guests arrive

Chef Celeste Bauer and our wine purveyor, Sarah Pierre


Lots of delicious wine

Rodrigo and Pamela


From Pamela Berger:

The first Supper Club was based on Indian cuisine, the second on peaches and bourbon and our third was last night, Spanish inspired.

It all started because Celeste would come over to my house and tell me about menu ideas she had. She was always thinking up and writing down 3 or 4 course dinner menus but never actually made them. She’s so talented in cooking and baking I was like okay, you cook and bake and I’ll host it and do the decor. So it was a nice pairing based on our combined passions.

We hope to keep doing them 🙂

Also, my porch only holds 17 of us so at this point, I can only sell 16 tickets each time. But that keeps it intimate and somewhat manageable 🙂

It’s always a new mix of people so it’s a great way to forge new friendships and connections within our community.

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