What’s up with all these embattled media families?


Has anyone else noticed how many family dynasties are in the news this year? I find this mix of corporate soap opera and Shakespearean drama absolutely riveting!!

Here are the 3 most high-profile that I’ve been obsessed by:

Sumner Redstone and Shari Redstone:

So much turmoil at Viacom with Sumner, 93, embroiled in a number of lawsuits aimed at maintaining control of Viacom (and kicking numerous girlfriends out of his house!!). He and his daughter, Shari, who had been on the outs have now patched up their differences. Reunited, they are battling Philippe Dauman and also want to oust other boardmembers. Shari is frequently described as a chip off the old block so expect the turmoil to continue.

The Murdochs vs. Roger Ailes

The Murdochs are somewhat similar to the Redstones except Rupert Murdoch, at 84, is younger and still very much in control of the Fox empire.  There’s been lots of drama over the years with son, Lachlan, quitting the company in 2005 and returning to Australia (to run an investment fund). But he’s back at Fox now. The fact that the sons were finally able to oust Roger Ailes (who had long been protected by Rupert) is very telling about their power within the company and the fact that their dad is inclined to listen to them. Not clear what impact Rupert’s marriages (to Wendi Deng and now Jerry Hall) have had on the family dynamic.

The Trumps

Donald Trump’s children (more than any of his wives) have been very high profile during the run up to the Republican National Convention. Despite his many marriages, The Donald does seem to have raised a remarkably solid and hard-working group of kids – although there is a lot of speculation about his daughter, Tiffany, and why he never mentions her . Should he make it to the White House (doubtful!), his family will clearly be his go-to’s for advice which will spur some interesting turf wars and inner circle drama with top level appointees.

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