Where’s the best place to work? Offices, co-working spaces, home?

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I’ve worked in traditional office buildings and have run my own business out of a loft space. I’ve also worked from home with a small team and most recently I’ve joined a co-working space where I write my blog one-day a week. While it’s too early to call traditional offices extinct, there is definitely a movement to more creative, flexible ways of working.

That said, I find it very odd that the tech giants, who pioneered all these remote work opportunities, are all building gigantic campuses at the moment to keep the tribe together, all the time (e.g. Google, Facebook, Apple).

Read more below on both the positives and negatives of traditional offices vs. alternative spaces. Also, photos I shot on Tuesday at the newest co-working space in the landmark Verizon Building near the World Trade Center. It’s a collaboration between Verizon and Grind with build out of the space by Gensler.

The positives of going to a traditional office are the networking and camaraderie. It’s also important to get on the boss’ radar and to get a first-hand read on sentiment about projects, co-workers, clients etc. And it can be a lot of fun to work and play with colleagues.

The downsides include: wasted travel time (2-3hrs a day in many cases), wasted in-office time with too many meetings, gossip and infighting. There are also more expenses – for the company and the workers – and more stress.

The positives of working remotely include higher productivity, less overhead, happier workers and the opportunity of working with more freelancers which leads to more diverse perspectives. I especially value the expertise and skill sets top freelancers bring to any project.

Here are some pictures of the Grind space in the former Verizon Headquarters building near the World Trade Center. Had the opportunity to take a tour on their second day open. It has a hard-core tech/engineering vibe. It’s a no-nonsense space with an emphasis on function vs. aesthetics. For this week (March 15-18), they are offering free co-working from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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