Why Blog And Why Keep At It? Because It Makes You Smarter


Just read an excellent piece by Mark Schaefer on why you must keep blogging even when it seems nobody gives a damn.

And I know there is a difference between bloggers who are doing it to generate income vs. ones, like me, who are doing it to keep their personal brand relevant.

Here are the top reasons to keep blogging :

Learning and growing.

  • Having a blog forces you to always be on the lookout for what’s new and what’s changing.
  • I am much more on my game on the three topic areas that I cover because I am consistently researching what’s new in those areas: business/work, restaurants/food and art/culture.

You’ll become a better writer.

  • I cringe when I read some of my early blog posts. Yikes! So bad – but I at least I got the junk out of my system.
  • One of the most important things I’ve learned is how different writing for a blog is versus writing for a magazine or newspaper.
  • With blogs, you only have a nano-second to capture your reader’s attention. You get two chances to hook them: headline, first sentence. If that doesn’t grab them, they’re gone.

It’s a great way to dial up your skill set.

  • If you’re over 40, and whether you think you will be looking for a new job or not, you might want to consider creating a blog about whatever passion project you’ve got – dogs, street art, eating vegan – whatever turns you on, get a blog going on the topic. It will make you much more interesting to potential employers.
  • I’m always shocked at how out of date people’s skill sets are when it comes to tech and social media.  Doubly shocking when you realize those people are in the throes of career change.
  • The person reviewing your resume is probably under-30. The first thing they will do is google you.  Finding a small digital footprint is not a good thing.
  • Blogging is helpful not only for developing subject matter expertise but also for keeping your tech skills sharp – wordpress, mailchimp, minimal coding, Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat – in today’s world, you must have it all covered.

Feedback from readers

  • There is something incredibly satisfying about getting feedback from readers (whether it’s one email or hundreds).
  • Hearing from people who you’ve touched, or helped in some way,through your writing, is extremely gratifying.
  • For me, those emails come most consistently when I reveal my vulnerabilities and write about something very personal that resonates with many. Providing insights and tips on how to deal with particularly challenging situations is valuable.
  • Bottom line: the feedback is what keeps me going!!

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