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Many of you know that I am a huge fan of Jim Connolly and his blog, Jim’s Marketing Blog.  I forward at least one of his posts to friends or clients each week.  I love his straightforward writing style and his marketing and business savvy.  He recently wrote about the benefits of business blogging and since I have so many friends who have blogs and run businesses – this is for you guys!

I totally agree with Jim that a blog encourages you to keep learning and remain constantly curious because you want to share things that are worth reading. A blog magnifies your voice and it is very satisfying when you touch or inspire people in some way and they let you know. Blogging also trains you to become a better communicator. Bottom line: blogging keeps you on your toes, dials up your game and is hugely fulfilling and fun!

Read on below for Jim’s 25 reasons to start a business blog.

    1. Business blogging encourages you to keep learning, so you have something useful to share.
    2. Business blogging can generate regular (daily), targeted business leads. The caveat here, is that you need to learn how to write well and how to market your blog. If you’re prepared to do that, it can improve your business beyond recognition.
    3. Business blogging is the best way to build a huge, targeted, professional network. You don’t need Linkedin or any other network, when thousands of people already know who you are, exactly what you do and how to contact you. Think about that for a moment.
    4. Business blogging allows you to reach people… lots of people, with your message. That’s because blogging scales to infinity. In other words, a post can reach one person or a million people, yet it still takes you the same amount of time to write it.
    5. Business blogging is more fun than watching prime-time TV.
    6. Business blogging is also far more rewarding than watching TV.
    7. Business blogging publicly demonstrates your ability to show up regularly. Reliability is highly valued in business. Just imagine how useful it would be for you, if your marketplace knew you could be relied upon, before they even spoke to you.
    8. Business blogging provides a showcase for your knowledge. This is enormously valuable. People who hire me, know all about my work long before they ever speak with me.
    9. Business blogging increases your professional profile, as new people discover you and your work every day.
    10. Business blogging gives you the best tool on the planet, for building a community or tribe.
    11. Business blogging gives you a voice. If you have something important to say, people will hear you. This is especially the case if you stick with blogging, for long enough to build a large readership. How long does that take? About a week longer than the typical blogger is prepared to invest, before she gives up.
    12. Business blogging inspires people to email you, to say how your work helped them. This is far more rewarding than most people imagine.
    13. Business blogging makes you a more informed reader, as you understand the work and creativity that people put into their written work.
    14. Business blogging causes you to have to regularly dig down deep, really deep, to find something worth sharing. That sounds like hard work, but just as lifting weights builds your physical muscles, digging down deep builds your mental muscles.
    15. Business blogging makes you a better communicator. I’m convinced that regular blogging has improved my communication skills across the board, not just in writing.
    16. Business blogging is a great way to connect with your marketplace. By making it easy for readers to contact you, you open a valuable channel of communication. This provides you with an insight into what your marketplace is thinking… what matters most to them and what they need. This kind of insight is worth a fortune to your business.
    17. Business blogging makes you a lot better at asking questions.
    18. Business blogging also encourages you to question your own opinions, to ensure they stand up to scrutiny and are worthy of your readers.
    19. Business blogging encourages you to regularly do research, increasing your own knowledge base.
    20. Business blogging can get you recognised in the mainstream press, for being named the most influential blog in your class, by the world’s biggest PR company.
    21. Business blogging allows you to build fantastic contacts. My initial contact with my friend Nile Rodgers, started because of something I wrote here on this blog a few years ago.
    22. Business blogging teaches you to look at things from more than one perspective. By writing for others, you need to know what the world looks like, through their eyes.
    23. Business blogging provides you with a creative outlet, which helps you grow as a person. In fact, blogging has been the most powerful professional development tool I have ever used or researched.
    24. Business blogging ensures you remain constantly curious… this is priceless.
    25. Business blogging allows you to build a business asset, which grows in value with every passing week.


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