Why Does NOBODY Accept Apple Pay?


I am so frustrated that nobody – except Whole Foods and Duane Reade – accepts Apple Pay. When I first downloaded the app and used it at Whole Foods I was ecstatic.

It is so easy, so convenient. I don’t need my wallet or charge cards and I shop at Whole Foods almost every day directly after the gym as a result.

But that’s pretty much where it begins and ends. Now, whenever I see a digital payment logo, in a taxi for example, I no longer get excited in anticipation of using Apple Pay because 99.9% of the time, the system isn’t working.

What happened?

All the research indicates people aren’t interested in turning their phones into digital wallets when they check out in a physical store.

I don’t believe this is true.  The facts don’t support it. How are people expected to use Apple Pay when there’s no place offering to take it. Apple has done an atrocious job of selling in this concept.

  • People love using Venmo –“I’ll venmo you” is as much a part of the vernacular today as “google it”
  • And then there’s Walmart Pay – of course only usable at Walmart but people love it.
  • Per pymnts.com first-time use of the Walmart Pay app increased 53.5%.
  • In one year, Walmart Pay usage is higher than Apple Pay’s after 3 years! But, you use the card at the store vs. Apple Pay which you can use nowhere.
  • Frequency of usage with Walmart Pay also suggests people are very interested in using digital wallets.
  • 47% of Walmart shoppers said they use it every time they can.
  • But what appears to have made Walmart Pay sticky isn’t only the ability to pay using the app at the store — but rather the portfolio of value-added solutions (e.g. coupons) wrapped around the act of paying at checkout.
  • AND  being in LA for the last few days, I am excited that quite a few more retailers out here use the app – but it’s still not universally accepted. And some that have it aren’t entirely sure how to use it.

Read on below for more from Business Insider on digital payments.

Nearly half of consumers prefer using digital apps to make payments. 

  • 47% prefer digital for performing transactions vs. 45% who prefer cash
  • Half report they carry cash less than half of the time, and when they do, they often don’t use it
  • 46% of consumers report using cash fewer than eight days a month.

And these habits don’t vary much by demographic segment. 

  • 49% of millennials prefer digital payments to cash vs. 44% of Gen X and 32% of boomers

Peer-to-peer (P2P) payments are poised to explode

  • The total P2P mobile payments volume is anticipated to grow nine-fold over the next five years, reaching $336 billion by 2021.

For banks, the launch of Zelle, the P2P payment tool developed by Early Warning, may be the answer to these concerns.

  • In just the first 30 days following the launch of Zelle within the US Bank mobile app, the number of P2P payments skyrocketed by 300%

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