WALMART.COM, WHY I LOVE IT – and what would make it even better (are you listening Walmart??)


I’ve been online shopping at for several years and have turned many of my friends onto their website. Here’s my ultimate list of pros and cons. And with Kevin Systrom of Instagram now on Walmart’s Board I am expecting big improvements!


Price – unbeatable e.g. Scott toilet tissue 20 count is $12.97 at Walmart vs. $20.75 at Amazon

Easy return policy

Solid assortment of mainstream brands and categories


Website not as easy to navigate as Amazon

Website default is to get you to shop in- store (which I never want to do)

Selection of gourmet and premium brands is limited

Frequent out of stocks for online shopping

Shipments are not very eco-friendly e.g. I’ve received huge boxes with just one small item inside.  I would prefer that they ship all of my items together in one or two appropriately sized boxes.


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