Why Is Giving Up Salt So Darned Difficult?

“Unhealthy diets are a leading cause of death globally and excess salt consumption is the biggest culprit, estimated to have caused over 3 million deaths globally in 2017.”

Dr. Norm Campbell, former President of the World Hypertension League
Tobacco-Style Health Warnings

Which is why we may soon see salt shakers carrying tobacco-style health warnings like this.

Excess sodium can cause high blood pressure and promote stomach cancer. Limit your use.

Salt and High Blood Pressure

My doctor has warned me about high blood pressure for years. I refused to be medicated for it so the salt had to go (and a daily exercise regime entered my life). The salt habit I replaced with copious amounts of pepper and sometimes, hot sauces.

This past week, however, I found myself salting a piece of buttered bread while out to dinner. That’s been my favorite way of eating bread since childhood! Why did I revert to that behavior? So bad – but so tasty!

Anybody else addicted to salt? I don’t know why I love it so much but I must cut it out because high blood pressure is no joke.

Bottom Line.

Over the last few years, by cutting out salt, I’ve been able to bring down my blood pressure to the 121/78 range from around 144/96. All accomplished naturally with exercise, losing weight, cutting out salt and dialing back the drinking. Zero medication involved.

And hereis the article from Medical Xpress about adding health warnings to salt packaging sold in supermarkets as well as salt shakers at restaurants.

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