Why Robots? Because There Are Not Enough Qualified Workers


In the manufacturing sector, there are currently two job openings for every qualified worker. CRAZY!

  • Bringing jobs back to America has been a top initiative under President Trump but the data suggests the problem is a lack of qualified workers more than a lack of jobs.
  • And to be a qualified worker in manufacturing these days requires more tech skills than brawn.

Here are the top tends for manufacturing per Wisconsin’s SVA Consulting Services:

Labor Shortages

  • Over the next five years, most manufacturers will have two job openings for every one qualified individual. As baby boomers retire, the demand will increase even more.

Advanced Manufacturing & Automation

  • More advanced equipment is being installed on shop floors to increase worker efficiency. Those types of investments are expected to continue indefinitely.
  • Workers will need to develop the skills to work in this environment, moving from a pure manual labor role to overseeing the new technology.

Data-Driven Processes

  • Manufacturing companies of all sizes are beginning the transition to advanced analytics, data management and data storage as those technologies become less expensive.
  • Companies realize these processes improve efficiency, agility and decision time.


  • The current administration is helping drive this initiative, but it’s not the only reason manufacturers are trying to bring production back to the U.S.
  • For the past few years, there’s been a renewed focus on “American-made” with companies identifying efficiencies and cost cuts from manufacturing Stateside.
  • For companies to achieve this, however, they will need a much larger pool of skilled workers than is currently available.

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