Trending Now: Fancy, Chef-Driven Haute Dogs Are All the Rage


Ran across Jean Georges Vongerichten’s Hot Dog Stand outside of the Mark Hotel on the Upper East Side this past week. He’s serving an organic chicken hotdog, topped with homemade condiments including Kimchi Relish.

And April Bloomfield, one of my favorite chefs, is making housemade hot dogs at her brand new restaurant/butcher shop, White Gold, on the Upper West Side. Can’t wait to check this out (opened November 1st at 375 Amsterdam nr. 78th Street).

More below on what Thomas Keller (Per Se and French Laundry) has planned for London’s Bubbledogs in December. And finally, my newest discovery – not really a hot dog but definitely in the sausage family – the delicious chorizo bocadillos at Despana in Soho (NYC).

In December, Thomas Keller will be making Surf n’Turf hot dogs for Bubbledogs, a tiny London restaurant that serves Champagne and hot dogs (what a fun idea!!).  The hot dog will be topped with minced Cornish lobster, dill pickle chips and celery. It will cost £12 ($14.60) and be available throughout the month.


Bubbledogs owners met while working for Keller at Per Se a decade ago. They worked for him again when he opened the pop-up French Laundry at Harrods in London in 2011. The husband-and-wife team regularly invites chefs to create hot dogs for Bubbledogs.


Chorizo Bocadillos at Despana


I had known about this Spanish store/restaurant for years but dropped in for the first time this week. SO GOOD.

They are known for their chorizo – it’s one of their best-selling products and it’s how they got their start in 1971.

They have a small tapas cafe at the back of the store with a selection of the most delicious bocadillos. I ordered the Picante with chorizo picante, mahon cheese, basque quindilla peppers, tomatoes and aioli (served warm). I will be back.



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