WORK INSPIRATION: Coming At Me Thru Social Media

Clockwise from Upper Left: Deb Perelman (Smitten Kitchen), Joy Wilson (JoyTheBaker), Lyndsay Sung (CocoCakeLand), Molly Yeh (my name is yeh), Jocelyn Delk Adams (Grandbaby Cakes)


Big shout out to the food blogger planner at this past weekend’s Cherry Bombe Jubilee. I learned so much – and will be implementing most of what I heard. And I must add, these 5 bloggers make a healthy living from their blogging platforms so well worth paying attention to what they have to say.

Key takeaways:

  • Be authentically YOU. Develop your unique voice – that’s what people will respond to. Based on my own blog, I can vouch that’s true. The posts that get the most engagement are always the ones where I just lay it out there and hold nothing back.
  • Always share the second most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you – it will grow your audience – this gem came from Joy Wilson ( who has 396K instagram followers). That woman is amazing, if you ever have a chance to hear her speak, do it.
  • Use Instagram to grow your blog. EVERYTHING is going visual. The bloggers agreed that the only way they were getting people to their blogs was thru their instagram accounts. The goal is to create such fabulously interesting visuals that your audience will linger and ultimately make their way to your blog. This nugget of advice courtesy of Molly Yee (my name is yeh who has 222K IG followers).
  • “I would be all video” – per Jocelyn Delk Adams of Grandbaby Cakes, when asked what she would do differently were she to start out today.

Read on below for more of my social media mentors from Snapchat and Instagram – and it’s not lost on me that their platforms are all video! Why am I still writing?

Here are the 5 tech and start up founders who I not only learn from – but also genuinely enjoy following. Sometimes I get very specific business tips, other times, I learn a lot about how to project myself better on social media.

Sam Sheffer (@samsheffer on snapchat) – creative producer at Mashable, also big on youtube (subscribe to his channel). Always has new tech info from product releases to trade shows e.g. CES. Has a great online personality. And I feel like I actually know him since I frequently see him around my neighborhood on his Boosted Board.

YesJulz (@yesjulz on snapchat and instagram) – have been following her for a year and that girl is blowing up. She has her own creative marketing agency specializing in music, streetwear/sneakers. She has 460K followers on instagram. Watching her teaches me a lot about how to be more engaging and authentic on social. Unless she burns out (partying is hard on your body!), she is going to be major – imagine a millennial Oprah!!

Brian Park Startup Grind (@brianbpark on snapchat) – provides top tech news with great analysis. He is the Washington DC Director of Startup Grind and has started three previous companies.

Justin Kan (@justinkan on snapchat) – a serial entrepreneur best known for co-founding Twitch, and Socialcam. He just left his position as a partner at Y Combinator to start his own startup incubator program. I follow him for his online personality more than for what he shares about business – although every now and again he answers viewers’ questions which is always extremely informative.

Mark Suster (@muster on snapchat) – entrepreneur and investment partner at Upfront Ventures. I feel like I’m taking a master class on business and startups thru his snapstorms. Simply THE best info about all elements of starting a business from raising money to networking with confidence. LOVE THIS GUY.

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