WORK TRENDS: 5 Intriguing Opportunities To Check Out

Lots of big changes going on in the world – many leading to new jobs, new ways to make a living.  Let me know if any of these inspire possible career changes for you?

1. Investigative Journalists, Technologists and Newsletter Staffers

US consumption of news media jumped 37% in 2016. Trump is creating a boom in journalism that Jeff Bezos, for one, sees as a huge opportunity. And Trump is the gift that keeps on giving. Most believe his administration’s upheavals and conflicts will lead to massive, high-level leaks and eye-popping stories. The Washington Post alone is hiring 60 new reporters for “rapid fire” investigative journalism and breaking news teams.

Read on below for the upsurge in start-ups focusing on end-of-life planning, quirky/niche hotel jobs, gig/contingency worker placement and finally, the work of the royals.

2. Start-Ups for Modern, End-of-Life Planning

Have you thought about what would happen to your online accounts if you passed away?

Not to worry. There are lots of new startups like Cake that have you covered.

  • Cake handles people’s digital legacies such as tweets, Facebook posts, playlists and other artifacts of online existence.
  • Los Angeles based Parting allows users to search for funeral homes by entering a zip code and comparing service rates.
  • Grace, another LA start-up tackles issues that can overwhelm family members coping with grief after the death of a loved one. They offer check lists to put you more in control e.g. ‘17 things you need to do this week’ or ‘what you do the week before someone dies, when they die and then two weeks later,” says Alex Kruger, the company’s co-founder.


3. Oddball Hotel Jobs (Source: Skift)

  • The Tartan Butler at the Balmoral, in Edinburgh helps guests trace their Scottish roots to discover the family tartan.
  • Mermaid Instructors teach guests how to slide in and out of custom-designed mermaid tails, as well as how to be graceful in the water when wearing them.
  • Shabbat Technician at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. After the sun sets on Friday, Orthodox Jews refrain from using electricity. The technician is on call to disconnect electric drape mechanisms, replace key cards with actual room keys, and operate an elevator that stops on every floor, so guests need not push the buttons.
  • Doggie Masseuse at the Belmond Hotel Splendido in Portofino Italy: Pups gets pampered in treatments rooms with Swedish massage techniques to warm up and work the dog’s muscle tissues.
  • Bow Tie Concierge (Ritz Carlton Buckhead). Uses his excellent bow-tying skills before weddings and galas.
  • “Northern Lights Spotter” (Iceland)


4. Gig/Contingency Workers (Source: Quartz)

  • About 600 businesses—ranging from startups to biggies like Johnson & Johnson —hire on-demand, mostly low-skilled labor through an app called Wonolo (a Coca-Cola/Odwalla funded app).
  • Businesses post “gigs” via the Wonolo app, and the startup’s algorithms push them to its pool of about 30,000 workers in eight cities. The average time to fill an open shift is four minutes. Average pay is around $14/hr.
  • Between 2005 and 2015, all US job growth was in temporary, part-time, freelance, and other “contingent” work. 20% to 30% of the working-age population in the US and EU-15 engage in freelance work.


5. Royal Duties

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are moving back to London this fall because royal duties beckon. If you’re interested in what is entailed in “royal duties” there is a website that outlines each member of the Royal Family’s specific duties and charities, travel schedule and countries visited – link here.



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