WORK TRENDS: Buckle Up Kids, Get The Education You Need, Not The One You Want


I’ve written about this subject ad nauseam but this excellent piece from the WSJ deserves to be read by everyone from students to parents to educators.

  • The key point made is how ill-prepared most graduates are for the workforce of today – and this applies to both men and women.
  • Whose fault is that? If anyone is to blame, it’s parents, educators, and mostly students themselves. Based on my experiences researching this subject with students, what I hear repeatedly is they avoid engineering and computer sciences because “it’s hard” or it’s “not fun or interesting.”
  • Get over it people. This is where the jobs are, at the companies in growth mode.
  • One last point on gender. I’m sure if we broke down the figures, we would find that among the paltry number of students graduating with in-demand degrees in engineering and computer sciences, the vast majority are NOT women.
  • It’s easy to blame companies but I am 100% opposed to this. Female engineering or computer science graduates routinely land multiple jobs offers. Turning on Google or Uber because they haven’t hired non-existant female engineers is foolishness.

Some other findings from the WSJ article that I have run into personally and need to be addressed by students:

  • More than 60% of employers said applicants have not familiarized themselves sufficiently with their company and industry, and consequently do not ask good, insightful questions in interviews.
  • Three out of four applicants fail to send thank-you notes after interviews.

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