Workplace Trends for 2017: The Most-In-Demand Majors and the Top Benefits

No surprise that technology skills are in high demand (despite Mark Cuban’s recent assertion that “Liberal Arts Is The Future”).

Here are some statistics to back up the tech claim:

A recent workplace study from Future Workplace and Beyond found:

  • 14% of job seekers are liberal arts majors
  • 2% of companies are actively recruiting liberal arts majors
  • 15% of job seekers are engineering and computer information systems majors
  • 30% of companies are actively recruiting those majors.
  • One of the hottest new areas in tech in 2017 is virtual reality (VR).

Benefit Trends

  • Healthcare and retirement plans continue to be the most important benefits for job seekers
  • For younger workers, flextime and student loan repayment are topping the charts
  • Flextime is the #1 driver of employee retention
  • 55% of companies now offer some form of flexible work scheduling
  • Student loan debt passed the $1 trillion mark in 2012 and exceeds credit card debt and auto loans.
  • 76% of college students say student loan repayment benefits could be a deciding factor in accepting a job
  • Only 4% of companies currently offer such a benefit

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