Wow! Open Table’s Hottest Restaurants are so NOT my scene.

open table

Top Photo: Clubby Tao Bottom photo: the really chill, neighborly Lilia (one of my faves)

I now TOTALLY understand why so many excellent, small restaurants are abandoning Open Table for Resy or Reserve. Open Table just released their list of 100 hottest restaurants. I’m not familiar with all, but the majority of the ones I do know, are huge, loud clubs posing as restaurants e.g. Tao, 40/40 Club, Beauty and Essex. Places you go for bachelorette or office parties. There are a few exceptions on the list: e.g. Talde, Santina, Gato and Bestia all serve good food but even they teeter on the edge of clubland.

I had been annoyed with four of my favorite restaurants for not being on Open Table but I really get it now.  Apologies extended to Bruno, Pasquale Jones, Uncle Boon’s and Lilia’s – you are all ahead of the curve on this. I am downloading the Resy and Reserve apps as we speak.

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