Year in Google Search: What was Trending in 2017

This is GENIUS. So revealing about the world and what we’re most intrigued, worried and entertained by. On many levels, 2017 was a TOUGH YEAR.

  • Based on this list, people sought out survival information e.g. on hurricanes (how to board up windows) as well as other natural disasters (e.g. how do wildfires start).
  • Besides floods and fires, we googled shootings, refugees, North Korea, nuclear war, building the wall.
  • We are also insatiably curious about sex scandals with top searches for Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey.
  • Political awareness is through the roof as is involvement in elections (e.g. how do you make protest signs).
  • “How” is the way the majority of searches start. Highly recommend scrolling down to watch the video below – 2 minutes well spent.

One item on the list totally caught me off guard:

  •  SLIME. Who would have thought How to Make Slime would come in as a #1 search item?
  • In researching further, I found the internet’s obsession with slime has nothing to do with Nickelodeon (as I had thought) but instead with slime as a Thai stress relief product.

Per High Snobiety:

  • There are 6 million Instagram posts tagged #slime as well hundreds of YouTube tutorials – some with over 18 million views teaching you how to make your own goo.
  • Teenage girls almost exclusively run the slime market. They serve both as trendsetters and businesswomen when it comes to slinging their goo mixtures for roughly $7-10 per tub.
  • Check out Prim Pattanaporn’s Instagram account SparklyGoo. At 23, she’s a grande dame of slime, with other creators being as young as 11. Videos on SparklyGoo give you a good look at the product and why it’s so fascinating for people.

Read on below for more google searches for 2017.



This really surprised me because it shows what we’re really interested in when it comes to food – and our tastes are not nearly as interesting as we sometimes believe they are:

  • The two most googled recipes are for chicken breast and ground beef  – nothing remotely exotic here!
  • When it comes to cocktails, the top two searches are for margaritas and mojitos (again, YAWN, yesterday’s news).



  •  Virtually all on Netflix.
  • Only exceptions: Riverdale on CW and American Gods on Starz.
  • Additionally, two of the top ten googled shows are on Indian TV



Five of the top 10 most googled events are international:

  • Wimbledon is #1 and the Tour de France is #4
  • Soccer has two spots in the top 10: FIFA #8, UEFA Champions League at #10
  • U.S.’s Super Bowl is #2 and World Series (Baseball) is #5

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