Yikes!! How Did I Get So FAT? And How Do I Lose 20lbs?


I am appalled that I’ve put on 20lbs over the last 5 years. It’s definitely wine and desserts and bread! I work out every day but if the intake exceeds the calorie burn, you put on weight.

A recent doctor visit was an eye opener for me. He told me that all of my health issues – from high blood pressure to arthritis – would be 100% improved if I would lose 20lbs. So here goes. I’m hoping to lose 5lbs a month thru December. I know it will be difficult – in July I lost 4lbs instead of 5 but I MUST DO IT!!

An additional inspiration was reading the newest CDC report which documents America’s Weight Crisis since 1994. Since that time, the average American has put on 20lbs – even kids are way over a healthy weight.

Boomers are especially at risk with 70% of the generation overweight or obese. The health care costs tied to our weight are crushing our country. When I looked at the calories associated with some of our most popular foods and beverages, I was shocked – why is pizza so fattening?  See more info here.

And wish me luck on the weight loss – I want it to be a real lifestyle change not a diet!!

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