The Opinionator hits and misses: tips/recos – YES!! reposts – not so much!!

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Yesterday (October 4th) marked the 1st year anniversary of The Opinionator!!!  I have learned so much about blogging (thank you Jamie Dwyer for all those tutorials!). Most importantly, I am discovering topics people find most interesting, developing my own voice, and learning how to write better headlines.  I’m still struggling with how much video I should post (some of you love it, others hate it!!). However, there are 5 things I am prioritizing based on an analysis of my most/least popular posts.

Read below for the 5 areas I will be focusing on as well as some additional info on readership.

This coming year, expect The Opinionator to include:

1. More original content. People are much more likely to read/share/comment on something that I have written and which reflects my personal point of view e.g. my 5 favorite NYC restaurants.

2. More of my personal tips/recommendations on travel, entertainment, art, retail etc. e.g. Top 10 Things to do in Detroit

3. More 3 Questions with…. (a super popular feature that I have not kept up with but definitely planning to reintroduce)

4. More house trends/tips. All my posts related to the home have done extremely well whether they are original content or reposts e.g. Top Paint Trends for Your House.

5. More marketing/business campaigns that I find exceptional e.g. Sprite Corner.


Where most readers come from (besides direct subscribers):

Facebook is #1 without a doubt (especially mobile)

Twitter and LinkedIn are a distant 2nd and 3rd. (Twitter, however, is amazing when I hit it right – can really make a post blow up big time!)



One-third of my readers are repeats with two-thirds new.

Most new readers come to the blog from Google.

USA is my top location followed by UK, Canada and Netherlands.




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