Zipcar Survey: City-Dwellers, Across All Ages, Have A Millennial Mindset

millennial-is-a-state-of-mind-zipcar-2015-millennial-survey-results-6-638Great study by Zipcar concludes that urbanites – of all ages – look a lot like millennials.

“This year’s study revealed that urban respondents of all ages felt and behaved almost exactly the same way,” said Zipcar President Kaye Ceille. “This suggests that ‘millennial’ in the U.S. is more a state of mind, related not just to age, but to city-living.  Conversely, suburban and rural respondents of all ages responded differently than city-dwellers.”

Zipcar has conducted this annual study for the last 5 years surveying 1,001 nationally representative adults over the age of 18 who were asked to self-identify as urbanites, suburbanites or living in rural areas.

Link to Zipcar’s slideshare presentation here. (This is a great presentation!!!)

Link to full release from Zipcar here.

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